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Posted on October 19, 2015 at 10:50 AM

I was at the beach in Old Greenwich with my son for the Columbus Day holiday when we ran into some friends.  My friend's daughter saw my GoPro sitting in the car and cooed at how she desperately wanted to get one.  This made me think that this genius device might be the next greatest thing to hit the market since the smart phone if all the millennials are talking about how they want to get one.  We've had a GoPro Hero 4 since last year when my wife's boss gave us one as a holiday gift.  At first it sat on the shelf gathering dust until a proposal client requested that we film his proposal using the GoPro.  I had to quickly educate myself on how to use this device and with some help from a videographer friend, I was able to get to a decent proficiency with it.  Because of his expertise I tapped him to cover the proceeding and it was a great success.  

I am proud to be able to offer this service for any clients wishing to capture their marriage proposal using a GoPro.  Additionally we can set up a 2nd GoPro at the desginated site where the proposal will take place to capture a different angle.  Here's a brief sample scenario: With some coordination my videographer will be stationed at location to be discussed in advance.  Once my videographer identifies you through a selfie that you would provide he will begin filming.  If you're wondering how he'll keep the image steady, he would use a "gimbal stick" which holds the camera stationary.  Once you pass he'll file in behind you observing a 15-20 yard distance so as not to arouse any suspicion on the part of your significant other.  He and I will be in contact via text keeping me apprised of your journey to me.  I'll activate the 2nd GoPro or arrange to have it manned by a 2nd party.  As you arrive the 2nd GoPro would capture you and the lead videographer would maintain a safe distance.  I'll be into a song that you pick in advance and serves as the impetus to stop and chat for a 2nd.  I'll commence the proposal song that you've selected at which point the lead videographer will come closer to capture the big moment. Tucked under my gig bag will be a mini bottle of champagne to celebrate with and calm your nerves.  Haha! 

After the proposal is finished and she/he has said yes, the videographer will take both GoPros and download the videos, edit them, fusing the clips and making them into a narrative to show your friends.  He will then upload the finished video to YouTube with a private desgination so you can share it with whomever you like. The result is a high def rendering of your special moment.  A video is uploaded in the video section of this website so you can check out the quality.  

To maximize this offering some diligent prep work needs to happen.  A site visit to the spot where you'll propose and at the time you will propose is necessary.  This is to get a reading of the light and such so settings on the camera can be done in advance.  This is hugely important as you want to avoid any graininess.  Of course I can also offer the services of a photographer to shadow the videographer on your journey to me as well as to capture the big moment.  You'll have a multi-media accounting of your special moment for all time and some incredible memories to share.  Email me or call to discuss this further.  [email protected] or (917)226-3173

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