Marriage Proposals by Mike

Acoustic Music and Photography Packages for Your Big Moment

Chinatown Proposal

A gentleman from the Twin Cities area is bringing his girlfriend to New York for a weekend getaway. Unbeknownst to her he's planning to pop the question. He wanted a guitar player to perform the song "Ho-Hey" by the Lumineers while as he got down on one knee. In listening to the song I heard a mandolin. As it happens I have a band and the guitar player is also an amazing mandolin player. I presented the idea to the gentleman and he was psyched about the idea. I also mentioned the idea of having a photographer on--hand to capture the moment. The song calls for a trip to Chinatown. So I scouted out what I felt was an ideal location on the corner of Bayard & Elizabeth Sts. When the couple arrived in New York everything was set for a seamless scenario. We set up underneath the awning of a chinese restaurant and waited for the couple. Onlookers were curious as to why we were seemingly busking. As the couple approached and passersby realized what was happening all pedestrian traffic stopped in an instant with everyone reaching for their iPhones to capture the moment. It was truly a unique New York moment that we were psyched to be a part of.
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